Fear…Oh dear, don’t get me started!

Over at (in)courage, Angie asked us to link up about our fears in honor of starting the book club for her new book “What Women Fear”.  I just purchased the ebook for this so I can join.

I’ve had many fears in my life.  In fact, I used to live in fear.  I don’t like to dwell on it because I feel that fear breeds fear, so when I think about my fears the old ones just come flooding back.  I had a break through in my life and I’m not as fearful as I used to be.  At least not in the same way.  My fears before used to be dark and spiritual, but now they are practical.

I actually had a brush with those fears just last night.  There’s a lot more to the story than I’m going to share, because it touches on a personal issue I’m working through in my life.

One of my greatest fears right now is failing my children.  I know that most Moms probably have this fear in some form or another, but that doesn’t make it any easier or any less real.

I fear that I won’t be the best example of a Christian so that they can live their lives for Christ.

I fear that my emotions will get in the way of my relationship with my sons.

I fear that I’m not teaching them the things I should be.

I fear that I won’t be able to have another child.

There is so much more to these fears than I can share, but they haunt me so often.  I pray every day that I can change, be better and trust God more.  I do my best to learn and grow so I can teach my children even more.  I know God can calm my fears, but I’m only human….I still have them.

I’m looking forward to starting Angie’s book and participating in the book club so that maybe I can learn to put some fears to rest.

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